"I am a member of the universe.
How about you? "
Soen Nakagawa

Soen and Eido Roshis in the
Mojave Desert
(Las Vegas, USA)

Soen Roshi climbing rocks in the Judean Desert
(Dead Sea, Israel)

Kyudo Nakagawa Roshi

Soen Roshi established the first Zen center in Israel in 1967 at the suggestion of Tamar Blum, an Israeli biochemist and Zen practitioner who was doing research at the Rockefeller Institute in Manhattan at the time they met. Soen Roshi sent Kyudo Nakagawa, his disciple who spoke some English, to lead the center in Jerusalem. Kyudo Roshi arrived in Israel two days before the Six-Day War began. The only Hebrew word he knew was shalom. He remained in Israel for thirteen

Soen Roshi named the Jerusalem zendo Kibutsuji, a play on the Hebrew word 'kibbutz': ki, life force; butsu, Buddha; ji, temple.

Quote is from the book Jewish Dharma - A Guide to the Practice of Judaism and Zen, CapoPress, 2008 by Brenda Shoshanna.

Data on the founding of Kibutsuji is from Ambivalent Zen by Lawrence Shainberg.

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