My teacher (Soen Roshi), he say, "If you confused, do confused. Do not be confused by confusion." Understand? Be totally confused, then I guarantee: no problem at all. When you laugh -- ha! ha! ha! -- what laugh, mind or body? If uncomfortable, must into uncomfortable! Understand? If tight, into tight! Mind make posture, posture make mind. Zazen make posture. Posture make zazen. Understand? No more separation! Breathe with whole body! In and out through every pore! Slowly, slowly, breath deep, mind calm.
Kyudo Nakagawa Roshi
© photo Adam Fisher


"Kyudo Roshi wears his Yankee cap to breakfast, doesn't remove it even after we sit down. He has a large collection of hats, but he has worn this one exclusively since I bought it for him last week at Yankee Stadium. Slightly self-conscious about his shaved head, he never goes out without a hat, but the Yankee cap has the added advantage of making him look, if not like an American, at least at home in the culture. Like any Zen master, he aims to walk the streets as if invisible, attract no attention, leave no trace of himself in anyone's mind."


From Ambivalent Zen by Lawrence Shainberg

Kyudo Nakagawa Roshi came to New York City in 1981 to establish the Soho Zendo. He became Abbot of Ryutakuji in 1984 where he remained until his death in December 2007.

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