1972 Sesshin at Camp Hemohme, in the Cuyamaca Mountains, Los Angeles County
Participants included, among others, Soen Roshi, Eido Roshi, Bud Mosely, Maisy Mosely, Earl Eddy, Gene Troxell, John Sisson, Ruth Denison, Charlotte Joko Beck, Brenda Beck, Hemy Oechsle, Rosemary Kiefer, Bob Walters, and Richard Etheridge.

While gathering up Christmas wrapping papers recently, I recalled an incident that happened just after this 1972 sesshin. I was walking along a path with Soen Roshi when Roshi saw a slightly crumpled sheet of fancy wrapping paper in a ditch next to our path. He went down into the ditch, smoothed it out, and handed it to me with the words: "Here, you save this paper and it will save you!" After sesshin, I never saw Soen again but I will never forget him.


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