Soen Roshi Memorial Poem

Soen, you are the love of my life!
The life I love: Endless Dimension
Universal Life. Though you are gone,
You accompany me on moonless nights,
My invisible partner in Namu Dai Bosa
Dancing, whispering in my ear,
"Too easy! Too easy!"
Reminding me to remove my mask
And, with Nyogen, not to put
Another head on top of my own.
My maverick pilgrimage —
What I ironically call
'my brilliant Zen career' —
Is so lonely without you.
But I do not seek your relics
In the flight of hawks or
Hummingbirds, nor in the rainbow —
Bridges of dawn; for you are gone —
Gone, gone beyond, gone thoroughly
Beyond. Bodhi Svaha!
Each full moon night I bare
My nostrils and renew
"The Nosehole Connection. "
All is revealed as it is now.
All is realized as it is now.
All is actualized as it is now.

(March 19, 2007)

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