It was my first long sesshin at a convent at Litchfield, Connecticut. I woke up on the first night to a bright moonlight and I knew I was not going to sleep again. This realization made me feel very fearful. How could I survive the long day before me?

Then I looked out the window and saw Soen dancing in the moonlight, his robes flapping. He looked like an elemental being. I slipped into the night magic with him and my fear evaporated.


At the end of that same sesshin, Soen Roshi led us up an incline on the grounds of the convent. It was night and the heavens were bright with stars. Roshi said: "Open your mouths and swallow the universe!'' I took his advice. What a wise, wonderful man!

Hana  (flower) by Soen Nakagawa.
A gift from Marsha Koshu Feinhandler to Adam Genkaku Fisher.

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