A generation or two has passed. You could even say a half-a-lifetime has passed, and certain things still stand out clearly. Those early Zen days with Soen seem to be high on people's lists. We were young impressionable pioneers and he was an archetypal character straight out of a Zen story book. Except that he was the real thing. I still haven't met anyone who had the spiritual power that he held and offered so naturally.



Soen was like a man who stands in his doorway and invites you to a party. He will be happy if you come, and he will be happy if you don't come.

                           From 'Answer Your Love Letters'


Soen Roshi
Soen Roshi looks out a barred window during his 1982
going-away party at George Jochi Zournas' home in New York City.
©Adam Fisher


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