Journal entries, Dai Bosatsu Zendo, 1975

August 30:

Tonight is the beginning of Labor Day sesshin, with Soen Roshi and Eido Roshi, the first sesshin in the new monastery building.

Soen Roshi spoke of Eido Roshi's and the Sangha's great effort, about the 53 Bodhisattvas coming together for this event, which, he said, spread its spiritual waves more strongly than any radio or television, penetrating throughout the universe. Eido Roshi spoke of how privileged we were to have Soen Roshi here, and to be participating in the first seven-day sesshin in this place...


August 31:

Soen Roshi at teisho today, first in this building, said, in verse:

"I came to open the door of Dai Bosatsu Zendo
and found it was already open.

I opened the Book of Rinzai
and found no word.

Where is Master Rinzai? Where is the Master?




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