Genkaku Adam Fisher Genkaku - Original Understanding
Original Realization

Kashin Estelle Gerard Kashin - Flower Mind

"It was the perfect name for me, not only because I had a plant and flower shop at the time Soen gave it to me, but it immediately brought to mind a line in the poem 'Aube' (Dawn) by the French poet Rimbaud. The poem had thrilled me when I first read it as a young girl, but a few words in one line had become an obsession – a koan, really, although I did not know that word, then: " .... The first encounter, on the path already filled with cool, pale radiance, was a flower who told me her name."

'A flower who told me her name ... '. What did he mean? What just happened here between Rimbaud and the flower? For years, the words remained a gnawing mystery – until Soen 's wonderful Dharma gift to me, Kashin. I knew then, that he had just handed me the key. "

Kobutsu Kevin Malone Kobutsu - Ancient Buddha

Kojitsu Jean Day Kojitsu - Every Day is a Good Day

"I was not expecting a Dharma name, but when Eido Roshi said he was going to give me one, my mind conjured up something with a lovely poetic image. When he said 'Kojitsu ' meant 'every day is a good day ', I was taken aback It sounded so ordinary, so prosaic. Roshi was chuckling away as he rolled the name over his whole being.

I came to realize he had given me a Dharma name which was ordinary and profound.

I have been fortunate to have been under the guidance of both Soen and Eido Roshi."

Koshu Marsha Feinhandler Koshu - Fine Hand

Koun Robert Schoenholt Koun - Cloud Plower;
Cultivator of Clouds;
trying to grow a garden
in the clouds which is an
impossible dream; an
endeavor of idealistic

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