Maishin Mick Sopko Maishin - Bravely March-on
Mind; Courageous Mind

"I always think of the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz whenever I say it. Besides being an appropriate encouragement for my lazy character, I figured Soen got that word from the sound of the name I was going by then: Mike. Nowadays, my formal Dharma name is
Taiko Joshin – Big Drum, Quiet Mind – which is saying a similar kind of thing. (I've been doing a lot of Congolese drumming in the last few years.)

I remember seeing Soen for dokusan. When I presented my situation to him with something less than wholeheartedness, he whacked me with his little stick, shouting "Maishin! Maishin! "

Mushin Frank LoCicero
(see anecdote on page 99)
Mushin - No Mind

Myo-on Maurine Stuart Myo-on - Subtle Sound or
Mysterious Sound

Comments by Ji-on Susan Postal:

"The sound is the all-pervading sound – endless, everywhere. Of course, Maurine's sonorous voice and her capacity to sit at the piano and become music come to mind here.

My priest ordination name from Maurine is Ji-on - Compassionate Sound. I am so moved to be given part of her own name.

Sound filled that Ordination Ceremony, first our chanting, then a downpour which was so loud in its roof-drumming that Maurine stopped the ceremony and we just received rain-sound there, in the little Meeting House in Rye, in 1988."

Raku Nora Safran Raku - No Burden

"My name was appropriate as I was so obviously weighed down with worry. It still fits today as I watch a world that seems to be going down the drain..."

Reishu Jim Gordon Reishu - Spiritual Hand

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