Rinko Peggy Crawford Rinko - Good Neighbor

"My Dharma name, Rinko, has had a huge impact on me. I've always assumed that it came from my living on 65th Street to be near the New York Zendo. It also reflected my lifelong sense of being an outsider – an acute recognition of my basic character. As life has moved on, this feeling has evolved: being a 'Good Neighbor' is fine with me!

I have been practicing with Genno Roshi Catherine Pages in France since 1995. She is in the Soto/Rinzai line of Maezumi Roshi. When I took Jukai with her in 2005, she gave me a new Dharma name: I AM. This name, too, has had a huge impact. I AM has been a wonderful boost for my understanding of the identity of Absolute and Relative – just what I needed to support my life. "

Seiko Tom Davenport
"Wet behind the ears!"
Seiko - Sacred Lake

Shido Robert Howard Shido - Perfect Way

"The name comes from the chant DAIHISHU – The Great Compassionate Dharani, " ... ya mo no so mo ko shi do ya so mo ko mo ko shi do ya so mo ko ... "

Shogetsu Harry McCormick Shogetsu - Laughing Moon


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